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"Family Karate Centre Dedicated to the Spirit of Black Belt Excellence to improve lives"
Since 1979 Shotokan JKA Academy has become the premier Karate School providing exceptional instruction in the martial art of Shotokan JKA Karate for Ultimate fitness, Self-Defence, and positive self-development to dedicated Men, Women & Children in the Watford & Luton areas of UK. Our highly trained, inspiring, and dedicated instructors & coaches supervised by Sham Aktar Sensei 6th Dan, provide a supportive, inspiring, and enriching experience to students of all ages who join us for the the study of  JKA karate for better lives .
JKA Karate Is Scientific and Is Constantly Being Improved. Every technique and movement in JKA karate is based on solid, scientific, physical movement theory. That’s why we put such heavy focus—far more than any other organization—on kihon, the basic foundational techniques, and their proper form, angle and balance. The result speaks for itself: JKA karate is powerful, solid, stable, and smooth flowing; this has proven itself time and again in tournaments. 
    The unique benefits of our JKA Karate Classes on the mind and body are unlike any other sport because at the core of the training, the emphasis is on personal development..we teach you how to defend yourselves, gain confidence and get in shape, but the progressive nature of working towards the next belt makes our karate classes unique, as  an individual sport practiced in a team environment. The training experience you will gain from our classes will be like no other, as Sham Aktar Sensei 6th Dan, being also a qualified Sports Physiologist, and having a special interest in Body Bio-Mechanics, will help to enhance your karate development beyond your expectations, Guaranteed !!....Try our Free-trial class and find out for yourself...  Call Free : 0800 999 1959 Now !!.

karate near me
karate near me

 The Shotokan Karate JKA Academy has appeared in many local martial arts magazines and journals as one of the Top Martial arts school in the UK ..HRH Prince Charles in his visit to the Shotokan Karate JKA  Academy in 2006, recommended it as " the best self development with self defence martial arts Karate school in the UK"...our classes develop not only your physical,but your mental, emotional, & spiritual capacities. Our Karate classes will accelerate your learning capacity to the limit & over a period of time help develop your full potential in all areas of your life too, whatever your age !!..Call to book your free trial lesson Now.
Call Free: 0800 999 1959           Whatsapp Text : 07956 553417.


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 KIDS KARATE CLASSES (From 5-14 yr olds)

 Our  Kids Classes will help you raise healthy,happy,confident children who reach their full potential through mastering Shotokan Karate JKA  martial arts as a fun activity with Self-Discipline, Self-Defence, & Self-Confidence plus much more..we teach the Kids skills & opportunities to keep them engage & occupied positively with our martial arts and fitness oriented Black Belt excellence program.   All our professional qualified Karate instructors & Coaches are also DBS Verified and Child Protection Certified which makes us the leaders in our field..        ...  Read More 

karate near me
karate near me
karate near me
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