Sensei Sham Aktar Ph.D (A.C), D.Sc (A.M.)  6th Dan Black Belt & his Professional Black Belts offer the highest quality martial arts  shotokan classes for Men, Women, and Children of all levels and abilities in Luton Bedfordshire, & Watford Hertfordshire.

Here is what you can hope to gain from our classes:

  •  Increased physical fitness whilst learning the very best original JKA Shotokan Karate as taught by the original Japanese JKA masters to Aktar sensei.

  •   Good health, vitality, fitness, flexibilty,  self-confidence

  • learn self-discipline & self-control

  • Enjoy a hobby and a past time that is fun yet challenging at the same time. 

  •  Our over 45 years proven success formula of Shotokan karate JKA classes will help in all aspects of your life, and will give you the self-discipline &  determination needed for succeeding positively in your lives, in whatever you put your mind to achieve.

  • Remember!!. our classes are a possible investment for your Children's positive future and may be the best thing you ever did for yourself and/or your Child....Read More.

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