Our Martial Arts Classes Benefit All Ages in Different Ways :

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Martial Arts Class in Progress

Benefits for Children : Our JKA Karate classes help to build up your child's confidence,focus,self-esteem & essential life-skills to prepare them for school and for life.Kids have lots of fun at the same time. Karate is one of the most popular and safe martial arts for kids. It is well spread all around the world and it seems like every town in the world has at least one JKA Karate dojo. It is both playful and disciplined art that will give your kid a full-body workout.  Like true traditional martial art, JKA Karate puts a lot of emphasis on self-growth through training. Being a karateka is a way of life that will teach your kid all about discipline, honor, and being happy. In fact, kids have a ton of fun learning how to throw punches, kicks, and play with one another.   All our coaches have been DBS verified and Child Potection certified, in addition to being qualified to teach martial arts to children. 

Benefits for Adults:  Men & Women will be able to get Fit and Stay Fit, whilst increasing Energy, Confidence,Flexibility in a Fun,Safe & Empowering Environment. Sensei Aktar 6th Dan & his caring, passionate instructors will guide you through step-by -step in every movement..encourage you through every challenge..and give you all the attention you need to succeed beyond your expectations. 

We live in a dangerous world,Crime is on the increase, home invasions are a common place, and our streets are increasingly scary.Why not empower yourself to protect your family and get in amazing shape at the same time.

Men: learn the martial arts secrets to instantly disable any attacker regardless of size, training, cunning or tactics.
Women: who would like to get "high school skinny" once again and are bored with the gym & wish to get into great shape whilst learning to defend themselves & their family in any possible situation in a family  & fun oriented way. Our classes will get you into great shape whilst learning ultimate self-protection skills.
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Martial Arts Training