Senpai Jon Keen 2nd Dan

Senior Assistant Instructor

Senpai Jon has been with the club for many years now and has been very lucky to have been working very closely with our Sensei Aktar during this time. Senpai Jon is now one of our Senior Assistant Instructors and is qualified to take any class if Sensei is not around. Jon is particularly popular amongst our younger students for this reason. He always pushes himself under the direction of sensei Aktar having achieving a Bronze medal and final placing in the recent JKA  UK National Kumite Championships through his hard effort and sincere training..


Senpai Prab Padisetti 1st Dan

Assistant Instructor

 Senpai Prab has been with the club for many years and through his enthusiasm and motivation, provides an extremely active, and motivating practise session for the students. Lately encouraging his own Children to join and practise.


Senpai Nathan Ucher 1st Dan

Junior Assistant Instructor

Senpai Nathan Ucher started as a beginner at the Shotokan JKA Academy many years ago and worked his way up. He is one of the youngest Black Belt coaches. He is also one of our most committed students & assistants, & provides assisted teaching especially for up and coming beginners.


Training with Kanazawa Shihan 10th Dan


  With Tanaka sensei 8th Dan


With Abe sensei 8th Dan

With Yahara sensei 8th Dan

Sensei Sham Aktar 6th Dan

Chief Club Instructor

Sensei Sham Aktar 6th Dan is the club's chief instructor. Originally a fan of Bruce Lee as a Child, he got his early inspiration in wanting to learn martial arts watching Bruce Lee and Samurai films. Also the fact that since early childhood, he grew up in challenging times, his high School had a reputation in the neighbourhood of having some of the roughest, toughest pupils in the neighbourhood, so naturally he had to put up with a lot of tough competition & ended up always trying to prove himself in front of the 'Big Lads' in order to survive his School days. This kept him very physically active,preparing for the many situational challenges that occured, and so he tried learning Boxing, Judo,Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, and other martial arts, as he wanted to see the one that appealed to him the most.  Over decades of training, including several trips to both China and Japan to train with the world's best renowned masters of JKA Shotokan karate and other martial arts, he has been able to fulfill his ambition at the same time acquire little gems of knowledge that he passionately desires to pass on to his dedicated & committed karate students, as his contribution towards the positive human development in Society. Sensei Aktar never forgets the principles of of JKA Shotokan and other martial arts that he learned from all the top legendary masters, such as :

Master Kase 10th Dan, Nishiyama 10th Dan, Asai 9th Dan, Kanazawa 9th Dan,Shirai 8th Dan,Enoeda 8th Dan,Tanaka 8th Dan, Yahara 8th Dan,Kawasoe 8th Dan,and others, some of whom sadly are no longer alive today. Each master was so good & unique at some special aspect of Shotokan and sensei Aktar had vowed from his early days to capture the essence of each of their technique/s,& teachings and to be able to simplify it & teach it in his own unique way to his dedicated, & enthusiatic students.

Sensei Aktars unique teaching point is to be able to take a dedicated student way past his/her potential to the ultimate level of technique and skill.Thus ensuring high quality karate and state of mind learning & development for his students. You can be guaranteed an improvement in your physical & mental state when training with Sensei Aktar, as he always, gently pushes you beyond your limit to find your true hidden potential.This is the essence of his teaching. It is also in this way that many of his students continue to have successful first placings in JKAWF national karate competitions.

If you are interested in training in JKA Karate why not check out Aktar sensei's classes for yourself..Call now:  07813 680603