Sensei Aktar 6th Dan: His Lifetime of dedication & Training with the world's leading martial arts masters in his younger days below:


Sham Aktar sensei Training in Bruce Lee style Jeet Kune-Do with Bruce Lee's best & top student
Sifu Danny Inosanto in his younger days. ( Sifu Danny Inosanto starred in Bruce Lee's film " The game of Death " )


 With the Legendary master Hirokazu Kanazawa Shihan 10th Dan


With Abe sensei 8th Dan
A true Samurai ..

 With Tanaka sensei 8th Dan one of JKA's best kumite champion .

IMG_2530 (2).JPG

With Shirai Sensei 8th Dan
Great Master of Knowledge !!...


With Mikio Yahara sensei 8th Dan JKA's dynamite ..

Sham Aktar Sensei 6th Dan - Chief Coach / Instructor/Examiner

Sham Aktar - 6th Dan is the club's chief instructor & examiner. Originally a fan of Bruce Lee as a Child, he got his early inspiration in wanting to learn martial arts watching all Bruce Lee films and Samurai films such as the Shogun Assassin etc. Also the fact that since early childhood, he grew up in challenging times, his high School had a reputation in the neighbourhood of having some of the roughest, toughest bullies in the neighbourhood, so naturally he had to put up with a lot of tough competition every day of his school life & often ended up always trying to prove himself in front of the 'Big Lads' in order to survive his School days. He never backed away from a fight or any challenge, even though many times he got beaten severely. This kept him very physically active,preparing for the many situational challenges that occured, and so he tried learning Boxing,and many martial arts such as, Judo,Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, and others, as he wanted to see the one that appealed to him the most,following in the footsteps of his mentor Bruce Lee.  Over