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Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is Required of Me or my Child to Join ?

 With Over 4 decades of martial arts practise experience, Aktar sensei 6th Dan has been able to set out an ideal positive character self-discipline structure for all members at the Shotokan Karate JKA Academy to follow, which is in line with all humanistic values, philosophies, and all of his learning experiences combined, and which he believes also provides a true meaning for training in the martial arts for a dedicated student ... His vision is to see all students progressing as a big happy family, along our ideals & tenants of the Student Creed ( Mostly applicable to our Tiny Tigers & Junior Students ) and the Dojo Code & Principles of Black Belt Excellence (Applicable to all). We expect all our students who join us to begin to apply them into their daily life, i.e at home, at School, work etc, where ever possible. It is also vitally important to believe in your self and most importantly in your chief coach/instructor and his teachings as well as all the assistant instructors, as they are your role models and have all followed the same teachings at the Academy just like your self,with passion and are now in a better position to help your success , not only in martial arts but in all aspects of your life.    The ultimate aim of the Shotokan Karate JKA Academy as set out by Aktar sensei 6th Dan is to help build up a stronger, smarter, and wiser community, towards a positive human potential. It requires the correct training of both your mind and the body,and through it we will aim to produce future generations of leaders who are strong, yet modest and responsible people in the community.

 This process of character &  self-development takes time to shape up, it does not happen overnight, the physical techniques & skills and yourself, need to be mastered first through this process of self-discipline in the dojo under an understanding & guiding sensei, (instructor) who knows , & who also has been put through this process themself, & so he understands how he can push you to your limit , both physically and mentally, so that there must be a measureable change in your self & character from when you first started to your destination goal/s. If you do not undergo this process of self- development you will not understand and appreciate the true value of what you are learning.This is the requirement as set out by Aktar sensei 6th Dan for all students to follow. If you are happy to follow these guidelines as a member,then you are welcome to practise with us. We hope that every aspiring member will follow these guidelines for the mutual benefit of themselves and others, so that we will continue to grow together positively as a family in the community pursuing a like-minded hobby, sport, & past time, and all our efforts & contribution to this end will be appreciated by the society as a whole.
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What is the JKA & how are the classes different at the Shotokan JKA Academy?

JKA (Japan Karate Association) This is the world's largest shotokan karate organisation, based in Japan, it founded, researched, and refined the shotokan karate system originally.This is the most popular form of karate practised in most of the countries of the world today.  JKA Shotokan karate is much more than merely physical fighting. It is an art of self-development through martial arts training, founded on the philosophy and strategy of the Japanese Samurai Warriors. Through repetitive hard training and practice over a period of time, JKA Shotokan karate develops not only a strong body, and foundation,but also a strong mind and positive character. Thus enabling a dedicated practitioner to overcome obstacles, (both tangible and intangible) in their life through continuous training. The karate you will learn at our Academy will be this sort of karate.  At our Academy you will start off your training by building a strong foundation in JKA Shotokan karate fundamentals as a base , then gradually progress to learning the basic principles & concepts from other martial arts,  as and when appropriate such as JKD, Jiu JItsu, Muay Thai,Tae Kwondo progressively,remember Aktar sensei has trained with the very best masters of the JKA and other martial arts since childhood and has therefore the physical skills and the knowledge & understanding of their different concepts in order to help take your karate practice way beyond your expectations.  All we ask is that you are a keen, enthusiastic, committed,loyal, and dedicated student.

The JKA Academy also has a strong structured progression syllabus with character building & self-discipline automatically built into its program by its predecessors. So you will be learning the ultimate self-defence karate skills yet you have to progress within these self-discipline & character building guidelines. Which is great, as it turns out great Black Belts as well as brilliant, successful, & responsible people.

What are some of the benefits that I can expect from the SKJKA classes ?

Shotokan Karate JKA Academy classes have been structured so that you will have tremendous benefits for your whole body, mind and spirit. Physically, our karate classes are devised so that they are not only a method of learning self-defence but also are good for the heart,  to strengthen bones, build & tone muscles, create resilience, develop hand-eye coordination, and make the body less susceptible to sickness and injury through hard resistance training. Mentally, our karate training helps you to develop patience, a never-giving-up attitude and many other positive qualities needed to become a success in your life. It is vitally important to find an instructor who really understands the importance of these qualities & concepts himself, as then he can develop them in his students more effectively. However, Aktar sensei has devised the structure of the programme, so that it is one of the most comprehensive in the world. Starting with a strong base in Shotokan JKA, he brings in concepts from his other martial arts as the students progress up the grades in order to make their martial arts more balanced and practically effective.

How many classes will I be expected to attend per week ?

Once you join us, we expect you to train at least twice weekly if not more.

Why twice a week is the minimum requirment? it is very important to keep your bank of knowledge updated so you don't forget anything, and also so that the techniques becomes spontaneous muscle memory. Of course we also have online classes available , which you can also take if you like.