See if we can answer some of your most common questions.

What benefits will I realise from the classes & how many times a week do I have to train?

How Long Does it Take to Become a Karate Black Belt?

This varies greatly among our students. For our youngest members, about 5 years average. They will join our exclusive, progressive junior belting system which helps them to slowly and steadily progress further in their karate. For slightly older children, possible 3 to 4
years with dedicated hard training and commitment. This is usually what we expect of our adult members with regular training. Of course, if many classes are missed and not made up for, these timescales can lengthen greatly. However,it should be no student's wish to obtain a Black Belt by tomorrow. You must be willing to work hard and to be patient and to have the right mindset. Only then you will be worthy of wearing a black belt. Do remember though that the first Black Belt is the first step up the ladder and not the last one !!.

How do I join & how much is the Membership Fee?

 You need to book at least one out of the two trial qualifying classes we offer. Upon qualifying after this, you may then join us. Membership Fees are dependant on your current starting level as a beginner, intermediate or advanced level & discussed after undertaking the trial qualifying class.  You can expect to budget approximately £50 per month training twice weekly for your classes as a beginner.

What about other Brown & Black Belt Courses ?

 Apart from our regular classes at our club locations, Advanced Brown/Black Belt courses are run three times during the year, February, April and November. These are independently run by the JKA WF. Your Club instructors permission is required to attend them. All these courses are held at: Windsor Leisure Centre, Stovell Road, Windsor, Bucks, SL4 5JB

Do I Have to Buy my Own Kit?

No. You could purchase your karateGI at the club. Sometimes on qualifying to join us a FREE GI is also given.

What is the JKA

JKA (Japan Karate Association) This is the world's largest shotokan karate organisation, based in Japan, it founded and refined the shotokan karate system originally.This is the most popular from of karate practised in most of the countries of the world today.  JKA Shotokan karate is much more than merely physical fighting. It is an art of self-development founded on the philosophy and strategy of the Samurai Warriors. Through repetitive hard training and practice over a period of time, JKA Shotokan karate develops not only a strong body, but also a strong mind and positive character. Thus enabling a practitioner to overcome obstacles, both tangible and intangible in their life. The karate you will learn at our Academy will be this sort of karate as expounded by Aktar sensei 6th Dan who has trained with the best of the best masters in this art and has therefore the physical skills and the knowledge capacity to help take your karate way beyond your expectations if you are keen and dedicated.
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Our unique karate lessons have been devised so that you will have tremendous benefits for your whole body, mind and spirit. Physically, our karate classes are structured so that they are not only a method of learning fighting but also good for the heart, strengthen bones, build & tone muscle, create resilience, develop hand-eye coordination, and make the body less susceptible to sickness and injury. Mentally, our karate training helps you to develop patience,a never-giving-up attitude and many other positive qualities needed to become successful in your life. It is vitally important to find an instructor who really understands these qualities & concepts himself,and who practises them diligently himself, as then he can develop them in his students effectively.  Once you join our club, we expect you to train twice a week. Why twice a week? it is very important to keep your bank of knowledge updated so you don't forget anything, and also so that the techniques spontaneous muscle memory. Advanced grades have more rigorous requirements and it is also good to try and make up for any classes missed on another day, if possible.

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