About Shotokan JKA Academy
(Affiliated to JKAWF of Kawasoe Sensei 8th Dan)

  • Remember :  No martial arts is perfect they all have their strengths as well as their weaknesses...It is upto each practitioner how well they train & develop through their martial art that will determine an outcome in a practical situation.

  • Our Motto is: Train hard fight easy!!.

  • Shotokan karate of the JKA  helps develop some good body movements e.g. it utilizes both the left & right sides of the body & upper and the lower body to produce mostly powerful, fast punches, kicks , strikes, blocks and throws. It also develops a balanced & even development of the body & mind through its practice of basics,forms, and sparring drills in practice. ( Kihon, Kata & Kumite )

  • Practitioners employ powerfully delivered, direct punches & strikes, using the hips, designed to quickly stop an attacker or opponent in self-defence or competition situation with ONE  'killing blow'.

  • Remember: Many other martial arts were derived from the Shotokan JKA system.

 Learn & master the dynamic art of original JKA shotokan karate as pioneered by the original JKA masters and as taught & simplified by Sensei Sham Aktar - 6th DAN, Ph.D (A.M)   at the Oxford Mecca of Shotokan JKA Academy.

Sensei Sham Aktar - the chief club coach/instructor has over 48 years of knowledge & experience in many traditional & modern martial arts acquired by visits to both China & Japan, where he has trained with some of the worlds' leading origina martial artsl experts, many of whom have sadly left this world.  His goal is to revive & simplify their teachings,concepts and ideas of real martial arts and dispel the many myths and fantasies associated with real martial arts.. Through this journey and experience he has been able to appreciate & understand the unique key points and  fundamental principles of the various styles and systems of karate and other martial arts, which he tries to convey to his students in his own unique way. After many years of practice, research & synthesis of all his masters' teachings, he has been able to devise his unique  & easier, simplified method of learning and progression for his students, which enables them to learn the original practical ultimate self-defence skills,& techniques, which took years to master in the past in a relatively shorter time, at the same time have optimal success in tournaments & competitions. His simplified easier method of learning has produced many successful & confident up-and-coming karateka, &  competition champions in the community for over many decades.



Sensei Sham Aktar 6th Dan is the Chief Instructor & Club Coach at the Dynamic  Shotokan JKA Academy. He is a highly qualified, knowledgeable,yet a very modest,caring, & nurturing instructor.  Since being a weak child,he has always had an aspiration of becoming healthy and strong when he grew up. This passion and aspiration actually materialised for him when he began to be motivated by Bruce Lee films when young, and desired to become just like him in the martial arts. His martial arts journey initially started in boxing & judo at his local Youth club, where because of his interest and passion shown in his classes, he was encouraged & motivated to continue with his martial arts throughout his life by all his martial arts coaches.  Following their advice diligently, and through sheer hard work & training since then, he has had the opportunity in his life to train with the world's best leading masters of many systems of martial arts for over 48 years, and he is still actively training. He is very fortunate to have trained with the very best of the best masters and he shares all his insider secrets of training with his loyal, and dedicated students at the Shotokan JKA Academy  to make them the very best he can in all areas of their lives. He is endorsed & recognised by many leading traditional martial arts federations world-wide as one of the fomemost and knowledgeable instructors of the modern age....Read more...

If you are a sincere & dedicated beginner or a martial arts student or karateka, aspiring to master the dynamic & practically effective self-defence art of original practical Shotokan JKA emphasising self-defence as well as competition success,for those that want to go karate competitions too, you have come to the right place. We are not just another karate club, we are the Oxford for Shotokan JKA system of Karate. Upon joining us,under the guidance of  sensei Aktar 6th Dan & his Black Belt coaching team, we  will help tap & enhance your hidden potential so that you could be successful in all areas of your life not just in martial arts. We will help develop your mind, body, and spirit develop to the ultimate level !!, that you never thought was possible before, whatever your age or ability, at the same time teach you ways of using your body and mind in a positive ,constructive, and effecient way of the martial arts experts. We will inspire you to be the best in a personal best way, not only as a martial artist but in all endeavours & challenges of your life, through the philosophy and practice of our Martial arts. All in an easy step-by-step & simplified way. Whatever your current level of fitness, knowledge, or technical ability,whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced Black Belt,with years of experience, sensei Aktars' simplified & dynamic method, which he has accumulated over 48 years of training under the world's top martial arts expert masters will help take you to the next ultimate level in your karate progression,that you never thought was possible guaranteed.. In addition, our training & self-discipline structure will help your you or your child to achieve and enhance the best life-skills and positive character traits needed to be the number one in your life,over a period of time... For the Teens & Adults, our classes will help you to defend yourself & your loved ones should a need ever arise in a practical and realistic way using the techniques of our dynamic karate...however all these benefits are not achieved overnight, you have to dedicate yourself over a course of several years to become the best !!.

Remember, the positive life-skills, that we teach at our SKC martial arts academy can be transferred into any walk of your life, whether at work, school, at home, or in your social life to enable you to get the edge over competition and become the very best !.

Remember.. the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step..if you don't take that important step its NOT going to happen..

Are you going to take that important step and discover the wonderful hidden gems & your hidden potential inside of yourself in that exciting journey and take action NOW ?..

" NEVER have regrets and say later in your life:.. I COULD HAVE BEEN..IF.. " ? 

Call now to see if we can qualify you to join the UK's elite martial arts Academy the SKC Academy which has been visited by such important people as HRH Prince Charles in the past to see how our way of coaching martial arts helps everyone achieve positive results  in their lives quickly and effectively ...hence we have been given the title & referred to by HRH Prince Charles in 2007, and other famous personalities as well as education providers as :The"Oxford Academy of Shotokan JKA Karate & Martial arts for life-skills enhancement

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Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was Japan's Greatest Martial artist, Swordsman,&  Undefeated Samurai Warrior, from whom a lot of martial arts in Japan evolved. He Defeated his first adult opponent, a master swordsman at the age of only 13 years, (his opponent was a highly skilled professional Samurai warrior of the Shogun Clan) in a match to the death and subsequently won sixty duels to the death,following that, destroying all his enemies & never once being defeated. His teachings and skills are examplified in many martial arts of Japan today.

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Yoshitaka Funakoshi. The Genius of Karate & the son of Gichin Funakoshi the founder of  karate practising on the makiwara. ( He died at an early age) If he had still been aive today then Shotokan JKA would have been revived to the ultimate level possible as the best martial art ever.!!.