General Etiquette During Class :
When class starts, your mind should be on karate and improving your own technique. Concentrate, give spirited kiai, don't talk unnecessarily, and practice hard at every session...below are your requirements to follow...if you don't take note of your requirements and learn the rules, student creed, dojo code & priniciples of black belt, your training & progress at the SKC Academy may be affected.

Arriving Late :Arriving late is highly discouraged and should be avoided if at all possible. If you are late, please complete one push-up for every minute you are late, then kneel by the edge of the training floor in seiza and wait for the Instructor to give you permission to join class. Once you have received permission, please bow from a kneeling position, stand up, and step onto the floor if it is safe to do so. Please wait to join if the group is actively practicing a drill or technique. Do not walk in front of people. Please walk along the edges of the floor.If you are more than 15 minutes late past the start of the session, please skip that session. 

  • Use the toilet BEFORE you start your class.

  • If you make a mess in class of whatever it may happen to be, you must clean it up immediately.

  • Don't wear jewelry, watches, metal rings, etc. Don't chew .

  • Whenever you're told to move from one part of the room to another, do it quickly (i.e., run, trot, or fast-walk).

  • Don't pass in front of anyone, go behind and around them.

  • When asked to stand back or sit back and watch, do so in a normal standing or kneeling position, silently, and without leaning on walls or legs protruding out.

  • If you need to leave a class early, let the instructor know beforehand. Do not leave the training dojo floor without permission.

  • Every time you get a new partner for any exercise,rei, bow first. Every time you're about to switch partners, bow to your old partner before moving on to the next.Always show respect to others.

  • Don't make overt displays of how tired or in pain you are, no matter how tired or in pain you are. Stay calm, relax your face, breathe deeply through the nose and out through the mouth.

  • If you are injured or can’t continue training because of illness, ask to be excused and inform the instructor of your situation. If you have a limitation, please inform the Instructor before class starts.

  • When asked to count, do so in whatever language you feel comfortable with, but make the counts short, sharp, and spirited. Keep the same pace as the one set by the instructor.

  • Don't say any words when you kiai. ‘Kiai’ itself, being a Japanese word should not be a kiai. Common kiai include ‘Ya!’, ‘Ei!’, ‘Hai!’. The kiai originates from the lower abdomen and not the throat. It is not a yell in the normal sense, but used with exhaling sharply out and tensing the core muscles.

  • Stay fully focused when Sensei or Sempai is giving instructions and do not ask irrelevant questions at that time.

  • Do not come to the dojo if you are sick with something contagious like a cold or flu.

  • When coughing, sneezing or yawning, be sure to cover your mouth with your elbow.

  • Be sure to wear a clean uniform to every class and to observe common good hygiene. Please make sure your belt stays tied.

  • Keep finger and toe nails trim so as not to scratch or cut training partners.

  • Do not use strong cologne or perfumes or too much fragrance; some people are allergic to them.

  • Do not consume alcohol or other mind-altering drugs or medications before training.

  • Please turn off your cell phone or keep it in your car. 

  • Remember in martial arts bowing is a gesture of respect and not a sign of worship. If you feel uneasy bowing then don't bow, instead just say OSS with a respect in your heart.

  • Do not make fun of others techniques, or laugh at them if they get things wrong, work on yourself.

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Note: All the above Rules, Student Creed, Principles of Black Belt, & Dojo Kun need to be memorised and understood by all our members .

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