Shotokan JKA Karate is the most widely influential karate style practised in the world. Many other popular styles of Karate as well as Taekwondo & Tang Soo Do, were derived from, and have their roots in Shotokan Karate. If you wish to dedicate yourself to learning & mastering this fascinating traditional martial art, look no further,we have been serving Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire with the highest quality martial arts classes for over 4 decades. Shotokan Karate JKA Academy teaches traditional skills & techniques that are based on the battle experiences of the Japanese Elite Samurai warriors and are now geared towards the modern age. Our classes will help build super confidence, good character. self-discipline, &  self-control. We have our  Student Creed & Dojo Kun/Code  which every member is required to abide by All instruction is supervised by our chief coach,Sensei  Aktar 6th Dan Black Belt & his assisting coaching team, who are all DBS checked & child protection certified coaches.

Our Academy is affiliated with the Japan Karate Association World Federation  (JKAWF ). We have been developing successful martial arts black belts & practitioners for over 4 decades. In the past,it has an unbeatable reputation as being rated the finest shotokan JKA karate martial arts and self-defence schools in the Beds & Herts areas, by the Martial Arts & Karate Magazine in the past. It has also hosted many famous personalities such as HRH Prince Charles who visited the Academy in 2006 to see how our martial arts classes especially benefit the young people in a positive way in the community, and endorsed our Shotokan Karate JKA Academy as a premier place for achieving positive self-development in the community for all ages. In addition, we have graduated many successful Black Belt Students, many  of whom, have also gone onto becoming successful graduates of world leading educational institutes like Oxford, Cambridge, Eton College etc too, and later becoming successful business leaders.

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