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Kids smiling in their training

Juniors Class  ( 9 yrs - 14 years )


Using traditional, innovative, and improvised training methods with some fun, we teach our Junior class Karate life-skills &  physical, mental skills which benefit them as they grow older into Teens & Adults .

We emphasise non-violent conflict resolution and teach our children to recognise and avoid lures, threats & negative peer-pressure.

Our SKC Karate Curriculum is also designed to ensure children are prepared physically and mentally to neautralise physical threats by bullies.

                                            Exploring Conflict Through Role-Play :

Our certified instructors’ & coaches teaching methods have been designed to ensure that children learn quickly and retain what they learn. We focus on: Life Skills, Physical Skills, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, Awareness of Danger – Lures, Threats, Self-defence, and..also fun... occassionally !!...Our methods help children explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises...helping to build some of the following positive qualities in their life :


  • Courage

  • Perseverance

  • Improved Focus

  • Self Defense

  • Respect

  • Goal Setting

  • Power 

  • Self Control

  • Self Discipline

  • Qualities of a Champion



     Call FREE to get your first trial lesson : Call : 0800 999 1959  OR Mob:  07956 553417


Our Kids practising Karate
Shotokan JKA Kids work out on the kick pads
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