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Brief Profile About Sham Aktar Sensei 7th Dan - Chief  SKC Academy Coach * Trainer

Sham Aktar 7th Dan is the Head Club Coach. His journey of martial arts journey began in the early 70's when he was a young boy and watched Bruce Lee film trailers on TV. He was captivated by them and vowed to become good in martial arts just like him.  Subsequently he joined the then Bruce Lee Fan Club and received all the news and articles about Bruce Lee's training methods and JKD courses that were being run by Bruce Lee's personal students.Sadly his childhood hero Bruce Lee passed away in July 1973.
Nevertheless, there were some of Bruce Lee's personal students who were teaching Bruce Lee's JKD methods, such as Bruce Lee's assitant instructor Sifu Danny Inosanto who at the time used to come over from the USA to the UK to hold courses and seminars on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do method of Kung Fu. 
Since Sham Aktar wanted to be the best in martial arts,like his hero Bruce Lee, he continued with other styles of martial arts such as Kyokushinkai Karate with Sensei Steve Arneil 7th Dan- upto green belt , Kick Boxing &TaekwonDo with sensei Richard Cox 4th Dan, achieving his first Degree Black Belt in Master Heel ILL Cho's 8th Dan method of WTF/ITF Taekwondo. 
Around this time, he also attended many courses run by Benny the 'Jet' Urquidez from USA, who was promoting his version of karate called kick boxing/American full contact karate. Benny the Jet at that time was knocking out the world's best Muay Thai fighters in full contact karate matches using his style of full-contact karate, which Aktar sensei had an opportunity to learn and experience from Benny the Jet.  Being young, Aktar sensei especially favoured the kicking methods of the martial arts, and he recalls reading in Bruce Lee's magazine how Bruce Lee was very impressed by the kicking techniques of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama 9th Dan, who was promoting the Shotokan JKA style of karate in the USA. This was what first got sensei Aktar really curiously interested in exploring the Shotokan JKA system,so he was able to learn directly under Hidetaka Nishiyama 9th Dan himself, and continues to teach his method of Shotokan JKA to his students too.
Being young at the time, Aktar sensei enjoyed the kumite (fighting) aspect of martial arts & was regularly participating in karate competitions in his early years, he chose to stick with Shotokan JKA Karate, due to personal preference and also because of  his entering and enjoying many shotokan JKA karate compeitions at the time.
  Since he was so enthusiatic in his study and practice of karate, he decided  to go to the  original JKA source and learn the the art from the world's best original Shotokan Karate JKA masters. Finally he got this chance to travel to both China and Japan between 2005-2008... he spent 3 months in Japan in 2005, training in Tokyo JKA headquarters HQ, as well as at Kanazawa Shihan's 9th Dan SKI Dojo, and also at: Sensei Yahara's 8th Dan Karate KWF organisation.   
In summary, always wanting to improve more, over a  period of more then 47 years, Sham Aktar 6th Dan has trained with the very best original famous masters of Shotokan JKA Karate. These included Masters: Nishiyama 10th Dan, Kase 10th Dan,Kanazawa 9th Dan, Asai 9th Dan, Shirai 8th Dan, Enoeda 8th Dan, Tanaka 8th Dan,Kawasoe 8th Dan,Asano 8th Dan and many others. During his travels he also learned Tai-Chi from many masters. His Taichi masters have included: Sifu's: W.Cheung, L.Deyin, Yang Zhengduo, and of course the late Master H. Kanazawa 9th Dan. Sham Aktar says that his ambitions in martial arts training have been more than fulfilled.
 All his martial arts masters have influenced & shaped Aktar sensei's Karate for the better to the present day, many of these masters inspired & encouraged Aktar sensei to also study and practice natural medicine healing methods, alongside his martial arts practice which they also practised. 
Many of sensei Aktar's martial arts masters have sadly passed away, but he continues to get inspiration from their teachings & their way every day, desiring to  simplify & impart their aspirations of martial arts to the up and coming dedicated students who wish to master the martial arts way, in order to improve their physical and mental self-development and life-skills, so that these positive skills will never get forgotten and their legacy still continues.  He is continuously researching the training methods, philosophies and strategies of his former masters and forms his own teaching way by simplifying their original techniques, skills, teachings, & concepts . His learning experience of different martial arts enables him to add some precious gems of knowledge, skills, as well as techniques, & mind/body development for his keen students.
 Moreover in karate competitions, many of his younger competitive students have gone on to win final placings at national JKA karate championships over many years.

His former students in the community have included people from all walks of life, Students ,Medical students, Councillors,Military & Security personnel, Religious leaders, & many others, many of whom have expressed thwir gratefulness to Aktar sensei for his efforts in promoting this valuable martial art to the public at large.

​Sham Aktar is a truly dedicated & inspiring karateka, currently a 7th Dan, practising with sensei Masao Kawasoe 8th Dan JKAWF,  he still continually practising everyday to ultimate perfection, still considering himself still a student of martial arts after over 48 years of training!!...which he calls,.a journey of a lifetime! . 

At the same time he is passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills to seriously committed, enthusisatic & dedicated students, especially those interested in improving their karate art to the ultimate limit,in order to make them the best that they can aspire to become.
He feels this is his positive human contribution to the community & his committed service in order to shape up the
 lives of the people positively and then he would have fulfilled his goal in life.

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